X-Line is a robust caravan built for on- and off-road conditions to suit your next hunting, fishing or any 4WD adventure trip without compromising on the comfort



 German-made AL-KO/KNOTT components


Exterior is resistant to any scratches, abrasion or chemicals, and tolerates a wide range of temperatures


Customers can choose any colour they like for the exterior


The body of caravans is made of lightweight moisture-resistant French plywood


X-Line models are lightweight (520kg) but are designed to carry up to a total combined weight of 750kg


Thoughtfully designed, high quality kitchen finished in the colour of your choice

Design your bespoke caravan

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  • Transparent roof vent 40x40cm featuring a flyscreen (fan with a temperature sensor function is optional)
  • Insulated side doors with safety glass windows (46x41cm) and curtains
  • Carpet upholstery or an artificial suede finish
  • Cabinets with shelves, coat hooks, storage pockets and side-shelves
  • LED lighting, USB ports and a 230V power socket
  • An orthopaedic foam mattress 2x1.4m (wooden slats are optional) and a soft headrest

Built to impress

The manufacturer prides itself on using only the highest quality European components and won’t compromise on the workmanship or attention to detail. So, naturally, your caravan will receive many comments admiring its looks and beautiful colour

Boasting features

X-Line caravans have plenty of built-in and add-on features and were designed for comfort and convenience, with your needs in mind. The directors of LifeStyle Camper are keen campers themselves, so their brief for designers was based on their own practical experience


You won’t need any special knowledge to tow, park or look after your caravan. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, they can be towed by even a small car, and you will have no trouble finding a parking lot. They don’t require any special care or maintenance

Chassis and Body

  • Body made of lightweight plywood with an anti-vandal coating "LINE-X
  • Galvanised frame
  • Wheel chocks
  • LED running lights with retro reflectors
  • External 12V connector for a solar panel or awning lighting, external power socket 220V
  • External water filler with a plug
  • External 7-pin flat connector with a function of trailer battery charge
  • Tool box


It is so handy to have a fully functional kitchen, a shower, sufficient storage and a cosy bed at your convenience. With so many features to add (such as roof rails, tent, awning, side table and much more), you will be ready for your next adventure or a glamping getaway


The kitchen is equipped with a gas burner, fridge and stainless steel sink. External shower is an extra add on

Practical inside

Two doors with sliding windows and mosquito netts, roof vent with blind, soft headrest.


  • Kitchen cabinets in laminate (formica) finish, equipped with a cutlery organiser and a paper towel holder
  • Formica benchtop and cutting board 
  • Stainless steel sink with a water tap and a sink plug
  • 58 litre water tank with electric pump
  • Options for a one- or two-burner stainless steel gas stove
  • LED lighting with a dimmer
  • Control panel, circuit breaker panel, a smart battery charger, a 12V socket, and a lead acid battery (56Ah or 90Ah)
  • Options for a portable fridge or a fridge/freezer

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