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Seek adventure

Stylish and compact, Lifestyle Camper caravans will enrich your life and provide comfort for your outdoor adventures. All models can be customised to suit your personal preferences.

Why choose a Lifestyle camper caravan?


Caravans and their fittings comply with ISO 9001:2015


Designed with quality in mind where each caravan undergoes a strict quality control


Our caravans are light and can be towed by any vehicle


Steeldrop or X-Line, the highly practical features will make your next getaway enjoyable

Lifestyle Camper

About us

Lifestyle Camper is a young company that was founded in 2017 and is based in Ukraine. The stylish Steeldrop camper was the first model released, followed by the robust X-Line model, which was designed with outdoor adventures in mind. The first Lifestyle Camper made it to NZ shores in 2018

Lifestyle Camper has a mission of constant innovation and improvement using the latest technologies and materials to ensure that their customers can enjoy the quality and versatility of their caravans for years to come

Lifestyle Camper NZ is the exclusive distributor in New Zealand, importing caravans directly from the factory in Ukraine. We are here to optimise your experience and to assist with all your enquiries



Find out more

Please submit your enquiry and we will get in touch with you

The process explained in more detail


Select and customise your caravan model, then get in touch with us to discuss and finalise your order


We will give you a quote, and an estimated production and shipping timeframe. Once you are happy to proceed with your order, a 20% deposit will be required


Your caravan will be manufactured and furnished in Ukraine, using only the top quality materials and with attention to the smallest detail. This usually takes around 6 weeks


Following a thorough quality inspection, your caravan will be loaded on a freight ship in Odessa. The shipping usually takes 2 months


Once the shipment arrives in New Zealand and gets a Customs clearance, your caravan will be issued with a Rego, a WOF, an electrical CoC and a gas safety certificate


Your order can be picked up from Christchurch or further delivery arrangements can be made




“We absolutely love our SteelDrop Lifestyle Camper!   Vladimir was great to deal with through the entire sales process and we couldn’t be happier with the quality of the camper and the enjoyment we have had using it around NZ.  100% highly recommend product and service.  Thanks Vladimir and“

“I purchased one of the 1st X-Line campers in NZ through Vladimir in 2019. I found Vladimir to be very helpful and easy to deal with which made my decision to make the purchase very easy. Up until my X-Line turned up in NZ, I had not actually seen one in the flesh. Once I received  delivery of my X-Line, I was very pleasantly surprised, the build quality and features were beyond my expectations! These X-Line models are a very solid construction and finished well. I have not had any issues with my X-Line after 2 years of use. Vladimir has remained in contact and is always available to help me if I have any questions or concerns. I am very happy with my X-Line and the support that I have had from Vladimir. “


How long does it take to build a caravan?
How long does the shipping take?
How much is the shipping cost?
Is the caravan insulated?
Can I buy a Lifestyle Camper caravan directly from the manufacturer?
What colours are available?
Do the caravans come certified to NZ standards?
Can I get a Self-containment certificate for a Lifestyle Camper caravan?
Can you give me a rough estimate of the caravan price?
Can I customise my caravan by adding or removing features?

Want to know more?

Please contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation and quote right now. We will be happy to answer any of your questions and assist with customising your future caravan